Carly Akerly

03/31/2023, 9:58 PM
Hey Seattle folks, we have a fun two-part Seattle Spark + AI Meetup coming up! 👏 Part 1️⃣ @Irena Kushner will present Migrating Bespoke ML to Horovod Part 2️⃣ @Simon Whiteley is hopping across the pond to join @Denny Lee LIVE to answer your data engineering questions from building a data platform to ingestion to ETL to analytics Come join us at the Databricks Bellevue Office on April 19th at 6 pm PT. In addition to the technical content and discussion, we will have great food including (but not limited to) Frelard Tamales, Dick's Burgers, Rachel's Ginger Beer, Hello Robin cookies, and other great local food joints! 🍔🍪😋 RSVP 👉
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