Choonyin Yeap

03/23/2023, 5:53 AM
Hi folks, I’m one of the organisers for the upcoming DataEngBytes [in-person] conferences based in Australia. Call for papers (CFP) is now open the conferences. Submission deadline for CFP is 31st May 2023. We are looking for a range of stories and real-world experiences from working on your side projects through to enterprise level applications including sharing your use of Delta Lake. Share your learnings, experiences and best practices with us. As this is an in-person conference all selected talks will be provided with guidelines on how to present your talk before the conference. To sign up to be a conference speaker: ➡️Perth - ➡️Sydney - ➡️Brisbane - ➡️Melbourne - DataEngBytes also offers four-nightly diverse speaker training for people who would like to fine-tune their public speaking skills and gain confidence to speak at large conferences. Speaker training sign-up here: Who are we? DataEngBytes is a community conference centred on real world data engineering problems and solutions. It is held once a year in four major cities throughout Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Brisbane. Feel free to ask me any question.