Will Jones

03/12/2023, 2:17 AM
Saw this collection of CI scripts last night: Explained at the beginning of this stream:

The one that stood out to me for our project was the minimal version test (
or probably better with the upcoming
). That might allow us to be more flexible with our Arrow dependency so we could for example support a range like
arrow >= 30, <= 32
. Datafusion probably has more frequent breaking changes in it’s API, but maybe as it gets more stable we could support a wider range for that too.
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Probably more controversial, but he did also lay out the argument for why we should consider checking in
even in a library project: it makes it much easier to do
git bisect
if every version already has a valid environment already solved. And you can always maintain a CI job that makes sure it complies without it.

Denny Lee

03/12/2023, 5:47 PM
I guess from the standpoint that we’re an end product it also makes sense for us to include cargo.lock?