Matthew Powers

01/21/2023, 2:11 PM
There are two types of content I’d like to collaborate on this year: • content to get more Python users: the Reading Delta Tables into Polars DataFrames and How to version your data with pandas and Delta Lake are examples. Lots of Python users are completely unfamiliar with Delta Lake and how it can help them. We want to spread the value that Delta Lake will add to their workflows (e.g. tell pandas users that they can skip data with Delta which will help with their memory errors). • content to get more Rust contributors: We also want to create content that will get Rust programmers excited about delta-rs and hopefully encourage them to contribute. @rtyler suggested a post on PyO3 which is a great idea. I’ll create a draft for that post soon and circulate it for feedback. If you ever have any content suggestions or would like to collaborate on a post, let me know. I am all ears!
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