Kashyap Bhatt

05/08/2023, 4:19 PM
Add support for custom format to pyspark using python I want to read data from an on-prem Oracle schema (from multiple joined tables) as a Spark stream. E.g. How to create a custom streaming data source? Question is: Is it possible to write this in Python? Or does it have to be Java? Is Scala an option too? As I understand I need to create a new implementation of DataSourceV2 that will read from Oracle and store check point information (so I can invoke it at a flexible schedule and it'll know where to resume stream from) etc. and make my pyspark code, which uses the new format, look clean like:
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streaming_oracle_df = spark.readStream \
    .format("custom_oracle") \                 # <- my custom format
    .option("oracle_jdbc_str", "jdbc:...") \
    .option("custom_option1", 123) \

streaming_oracle_df.writeStream \
    .trigger(availableNow=True) \
    .format('delta') \
    .option('checkpointLocation', '<s3://bucket/checkpoint/dim_customer>') \