Carly Akerly

05/23/2023, 3:08 PM
📣 Data+AI Summit is one month away! Mark your calendars for June 26-29 and use code ETLINUX400 to save $400 off the regular price of the full conference pass! Code expires June 2. There will be plenty of awesome Delta Lake sessions including: • Why Delta Lake Is The Best Storage Format For Pandas Analyses by @Matthew PowersWhat’s New With Data Sharing And Collaboration On The Lakehouse: From Delta Sharing To Clean Rooms with Steve Mahoney, @Celia Kung, and Erika Ehrli • Writing Data-Sharing Apps Using Node.Js And Delta Sharing by @willProcessing Delta Lake Tables On AWS Using AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, And Amazon Redshift with Noritaka Sekiyama • The Hitchhiker's Guide To Delta Lake Streaming with Scott Haines • & so many more! 💬 Explore DAIS sessions here:[…]ga=2.65081006.1861864944.1684853375-235216433.1684450278 📝 Register for DAIS here:
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