07/19/2023, 8:49 AM
To delta-rs maintainers and contributors, Next week, I will submit a presentation here. One of the unique features that sets Delta Lake apart from the numerous Open Table Formats is delta-rs. I firmly believe that the Rust data engineering ecosystem, including delta-rs, is precisely the technology that Japanese development organizations need, given the scale of their data. I would like more Japanese developers to be aware of this, which is why I donated delta-sharing-rs. I intend to introduce the Rust data engineering ecosystem. The deadline is on 31st July, so it's a bit of a busy schedule, but before submitting, I'll share the presentation. If you have time, please do share your thoughts.
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Matthew Powers

07/19/2023, 1:08 PM
I love this message!! Thank you @shingo!
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Gareth Western

08/07/2023, 6:35 AM
@shingo Just curious: what do you mean by "the scale of their data" for Japanese development organisations?


08/23/2023, 7:29 PM
@Gareth Western Thank you for asking me the question! I mean, there are many companies and use cases in Japan where the size of the data is not necessarily "big." I am not referring to all the development organizations in Japan, but I'm sure there are many use cases where the data size is not "big" enough for big data technologies like Spark to come into play and shine. I believe the situation in other countries is similar, though.
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