Luk Mic

07/26/2023, 3:30 PM
Hi, is it possible to use Delta Sharing with Delta Tables stored on HDFS instead of cloud storage like s3?
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08/08/2023, 8:23 AM
We have also encountered the same issue in our on-premises Hadoop environment. Does anyone have relevant experience? 🤩

Dominique Brezinski

08/08/2023, 1:33 PM
The implementation that I know of generates pre-signed URLs to the S3 objects to serve back to the client. There is no equivalent on HDFS. I would have to look a bit deeper, but I suspect you would have to do some work the adapt the OSS server to change the object references passed back to the client to work with HDFS (assuming both client and server can access the same HDFS cluster.
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Adam Binford

08/09/2023, 1:00 AM
Yeah the closet thing to that would be doing something with webhdfs if the client has network access to the HDFS cluster. You could probably use blocks tokens generated in the sharing server as the authorization mechanism similar to pre-signed URLs. But would take a lot of work to figure out adding that in
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