Ashok Krishna

08/16/2023, 2:41 AM
Hi Team, As per the protocol, addFile and removeFile includes optional field deletionVector, but that field seems to be not available in AddFile and RemoveFile classes. Is there a timeline to support it in Java API's ? If there's any alternative way to handle deletion vectors using Java API's, please do let me know

Tom van Bussel

08/16/2023, 9:24 AM
We haven’t gotten around to implementing this in the standalone reader yet. This is a fairly large change to protocol and so far it has only been implemented in the Spark and Trino connectors. We are working on a Delta Kernel that will make it much easier to support new features like Deletion Vectors in all of the open source connectors for Delta. We will upgrade the Delta Standalone Reader to use it once it’s ready.