Hung Nguyen

08/22/2023, 4:02 AM
Hi all, I am using spark + delta + minio, I have a problem about write data after a time, process crash because
transactions/data/ym=202306/part-00003-9cad0a4e-e98e-4ab3-819c-1c580756d966.c000.snappy.parquet/6ecb96fe-ce06-42d1-95b6-91ae88ac6b4a/part.20 - content hash does not match - expected 8b160b4a634b2ef69b71e27ee34b4020107c5ecf82164028c6d6e6a5eba59d00, got a3ff38d48b65e0b315ec6d83ee320c58c43468ea253c0b014bace322e317ffd0 (*errors.errorString)
and it can not process continue. Please tell me solution that resolve it 🙏