krishna prasad

09/03/2023, 6:04 AM
Hello There, I'm trying to use the delta-rs to read a delta table (created via Databrics) form an ADLS path with and AzureAD-Service Principle (with clientID, and ClientSecret) The path looks like "abfss://" I'm trying to use the
delta::open_table_with_storage_options(table_path, storage_options)
function and the options that I'm trying to use are
fn get_storage_options(client_id:String, client_secret:String, tenant_id:String) -> HashMap<String, String> {
let mut storage_options: HashMap<String, String> = HashMap::new();
storage_options.insert("azure_client_id".to_string(), client_id);
storage_options.insert("azure_client_secret".to_string(), client_secret);
storage_options.insert("azure_tenant_id".to_string(), tenant_id);
I get this error Error: MissingFeature { feature: "azure", url: "abfss://" } On following up I see that the code ends up here
fn try_configure_azure(
storage_url: &Url,
_options: &StorageOptions,
) -> DeltaResult<Arc<DynObjectStore>> {
Err(DeltaTableError::MissingFeature {
feature: "azure",
url: <|>_ref().into(),
I was under the impression that reding from ADLS is supported in delta-rs, is this wrong or am I doing something wrong? Any help is appriciated.
I found the answer , I had to explicity add the feature in cargo.toml
deltalake = { version = "0.14.0", features = ["azure"]}
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