Gal Stainfeld

09/11/2023, 12:09 PM
Hi all, I have seen the recently Databricks added the type
Run Job
which allows to trigger a workflow from within a workflow. There is a mandatory Parameters tab that has to have some values in it which is the parameters passed to job. Why is this a mandatory section? In the desired workflow i trigger i already have on each of the tasks the parameters required for that tasks’ run so i don’t need any parameters to be passed to the job itself? Is it possible that it’s a bug ? (forcing me to add parameters to the job)? If not, i can’t seem to use it because i have the same key parameter used for various tasks in my workflow with different values. Thanks.

Tom van Bussel

09/11/2023, 4:40 PM
This Slack group is about questions about Delta Lake, the open source Lakehouse format. For questions about Databricks you'll have to reach out to a Databricks community, such as the Databricks subreddit. Databrick's support page might also be a good place to reach out, if you believe this to be a bug (
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