09/12/2023, 3:38 PM
Hi all, I am relatively new to Delta and recently came across the VACUUM and Time Travel features.. The idea is to be able to remove files older than 15 days but also be able to time travel 15 days before.. I looked into the documentation and some examples and to achieve the same features i set the following properties using ALTER TABLE SET TBLPROPERTIES : ā€¢ delta.deletedFileRetentionDuration = interval 15 days ā€¢ delta.logRetentionDuration = interval 15 days Problem : when I check the DESCRIBE HISTORY i can easily find the Older Versions but when i wish to travel back to one of these Versions i have :
AnalysisException: The provided timestamp (2023-09-08 02:30:00.0) is before the earliest version available to this table (2023-09-08 23:12:30.0). Please use a timestamp after 2023-09-08 23:12:30
I am totally confused šŸ˜… Am i missing something here ? Am i setting
wrong ? Also my vacuum command has a retain 360 HOURS Inputs are appreciated.. Thanks šŸ™‚